People are impacted every day by what God is doing through WGTS 91.9, and we thought we’d share a few of the stories we hear each day with you.

The Story Project - Mark

Mark was born with Spina bifida, a condition that affects the spine, and has confined him to a wheelchair.  Through multiple surgeries and other challenges, Mark has been able to see this as a blessing, and he shares how many of our greatest blessings come from our most difficult circumstances.

The Story Project - Sophia

When she was in 4th grade, Sophia was bullied to the point where she endured a severe concussion. But she always looked forward to coming home where she knew she could find comfort because of what she heard on the radio. Watch her share her story about the way God used the songs on WGTS to help Sophia understand her worth.

The Story Project - Scott

For 40 years, Scott says he tried everything, except God, to try to get rid of the despair and hopelessness he felt, and none of it worked. Scott shares what the turning point was that convinced him to give God a shot again.

The Story Project - Cristine

When Cristine lost her business as a result of the flooding in Ellicott City, she found herself in the midst of some other storms. She shares how she found comfort and learned to rely on God like never before.

Every day, people like Cristine are growing closer to Christ through WGTS. So please consider giving – and share His hope with more people in our Nation's Capital.


The Story Project: Monica

Monica is on the road A LOT! As an Uber driver, she sits in a lot of DC traffic. But she's found a way to calm her nerves, and those of her passengers.

The Story Project - Karen

While Karen has been battling cancer, she told us she's found hope in the songs on WGTS. And when we learned of her bucket list, our team worked to help her check one important item off. See what we got to do and hear the impact this has had on her.

The Story Project - Carrie

We don't often know the strength of our faith until it's been tested. For the Kilareski's, their faith has been tested time and again as their children Matt and Sarah have each received difficult medical prognosis, resulting in several surgeries. Their mom, Carrie, shares how the family has learned to trust more in God through this, even while her husband John was deployed overseas.

The Story Project - Doug Hill

For nearly 40 years he provided comfort during extreme weather events here in the DC area, but Doug Hill recalls a time he needed comfort during one of the most difficult storms of his life.

The Story Project - Dean

After losing two friends while serving in Iraq, Dean began to suffer from survivors guilt. He turned to drinking heavily, and began to spiral out of control to the point where he didn't want to live any longer. But there was something Dean's wife was going to reveal to him that would change his life and perspective.

The Story Project - Michelle (Miss DC World)

It seemed like it was one thing after another for Michelle. Her mother and close family member had been diagnosed with cancer, and then she learned her father was diagnosed. Besides that, she was in a bind financially and her car was about to be repossessed. It was at this point she felt like she had hit rock bottom. So she began driving aimlessly around (she figured they couldn't take her car if she was driving it) and while praying to God, decided to flip on the radio. Watch the rest of her story to see how God used WGTS and the music to reach Michelle at her lowest point to give her the courage to press forward.